We Are Creative Nerds

We are interested in creating emotionally engaging, concept-driven work that is embodied in beautiful forms. We always try to approach the process in a playful way, with a sense of humor. We want people who view our work to experience or feel something, whether it makes them think, brings them joy, or offers them inspiration. We always aim to create functional work that achieves our clients’ goals.

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We’re proud to bring our creative thinking to those in need in the community.


Reinventing and managing your most essential business processes with new ways of working.


Apply analytics to business data to describe, predict, and improve business performance.

Meet our Team!

A team with diversity at its core! :)


At Cybernetix, we have a friendly work environment that fosters and inspires innovative ideas to support growth and value addition. With a strong diversified team of experts with massive experience in their respective fields, we are passionate about the work we do. We follow a transparent system keeping the communication channels open, thereby enabling people to communicate ideas and suggestions. Srejanee Cybernetix promotes customer focus, excellent work ethos, operational transparency and teamwork through a strong work culture


We are the new digitalization drivers with goals and potential solutions based on our agile software enterprise transformation experiences, to bring you the future technologies to you at present.


We help you to identify areas for improvement, determine market position, measure product viability, gauge supply and demand, spot sales opportunities, improve lead generation, learn customer behavior, and many more. We remove guess work for you and apply analytical information to optimize business processes, tasks and activities.

Happy Clients

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it.
It is what the customer gets out of it.
- Jahidul Islam Raj, GM, SSBl